Aquarium Equipment You Will Need

Aquarium Equipment You Will Need

Once you have purchased your brand new aquarium its time to set it up. There are a few things you will need to get up and running, however. Filter: You can use an undergravel filter, which is a passive filter, in most small tanks and be ok. For larger tanks you should probably invest in a filter which takes water out, filters it, then reintroduces it into the tank.

Gravel: Especially important is you have an undergravel filter, as the filter should be covered by gravel. Gravel also helps improve the aesthetics of your new tank. Air Pump and Stones: The air pump will force air through the air stones, which are submerged in the water and connected to the pump will plastic tubing. This whole system is important as it introduces oxygen into the tank, giving the fish oxygen to breathe.

Decorations and Fish: This is what the aquarium is all about. Choose decorations that you like, but make sure they will not harm you fish. Research the type of fish you will use carefully. Don’t mix breeds that don’t get along and try to make you fish happy (e.g. buy several “schooling fish”).