Don’t worry… your fish will be fine while your away!

Don’t worry… your fish will be fine while your away!

Vacations present a new set of issues for the tropical fish hobbyist… or do they?

Don’t call a Friend!

Back when I first took up the aquarium hobby I was very concerned about my fish while I was away. The first thing I did was try to get a friend to stop by to feed them. This was a big mistake! Most of the time the friend would seriously over feed the fish and pollute the tank. Unless you have a friend that is an aquarist… don’t use this option!


Sea Shell Vacation Feeders…

Then I discovered Wardley vacation feeders. These feeders look like a white sea shell and come in a weekend size and a larger 10 to 14 day size. I used these feeders for years without a single problem.


Battery operated Feeders…

Then the good folks at Hagen developed a battery operated feeder called the Nutrafin Fish Feeder. This handy feeder can be set for two feeding times. The food tank holds enough flake food to last for over a week. I have one of these feeders on each of my tanks and they work like a champ. The batteries seem to last for years. I think this is the best option for feeding your fish while your away.


If your only going to be away for 2 or 3 days, your fish can get by without any food at all. Trust me on this one… I do it all the time. But if your going to be away for any length of time… buy a battery operated feeder.

Do a water change Before you leave…

When ever you leave for an extended period of time… say 7 days or more, do a 20% water change the day before you leave. This way your fish will have good clean water to live in until you get back.