Goldfish Feeding

Goldfish Feeding

Hello hobbies this time i want describe about goldfish feeding, many of hobbies in the world don’t know how they give feed for they goldfish. Some of them give food too much, and another give too little and not regularly. Before i describe how to give goldfish feeding, i want tell about type of food for goldfish :

what do goldfish eat

1. Pellets

Ok this the first food that can be eaten for goldfish, the name is pellets, before we buy pellets we must to know, size of goldfish mouth, if you have adolescent goldfish to adult goldfish you’ll be allowed give pellets, but under that age , fish can eat pellets for goldfish feeding i recommended you give mini pellet of Hikari goldfish, there two types i show,

If you want your head or crested head of goldfish grow faster and for color enhancer faster give Hikari Lionhead fish food that include Crude Protein min. 46%, Crude Fat min. 6%, Crude Fiber max. 5%, Moisture max. 10 %, Crude Ash max. 12%, this pellet is sink so very suiotable, for ranchu, oranda, lionhead.
for your best lionhead, crested head look good, and color beautiful.

If you want your goldfish Outstanding Form & Excellent Long Term Health. , you can give them
Hikari Oranda Gold fish food, that contain Crude Protein min. 45%, Crude Fat min. 8%, Crude Fiber max. 5%, Moisture max. 10 %, Crude Ash max. 12%

Ok they pellets i recommend for your goldfish, because that was proven for my goldfish, and my friends goldfish.

For baby goldfish that’s already birth you can’t use pellet, but if they are 2 month old, it can be given pellet mini.

2. Tubifex

Tubifex is one type of worm that widely used for goldfish feeding, tubifex contain many of protein which can accelerate growth, but note tubifex can bring disease if we don’t clean it,

so we must clean it with water circulation, and put off the dirt from worm, better if we give two or three drops methylene blue for 2 minutes, after that clean again. You can use packaging dried tubifex from Hikari Tubifex for simple product to use , that do not need to clean.

3. blood worm

Blood worm need handling before give to fish, the handling same with tubifex, give water circulation and give methilene blue 3-5 drops to 1oo gram of worm.
4. artemia salina

artemia salina give to goldfish that already birth, until it is 1 week old,

5. daphnia

daphnia give to goldfish that have 1 week old until 1 2-3 week old, after that goldfish can be given tubifex .

Goldfish Feeding
ok at above i have explained about types of food for goldfish, Now i will tell about how to give it to fish,


Please adjust how many fish in your aquarium or pond compare with how much pellets give to fish, and adjust how many pellets that completely consume within a few minutes, and please attention too about water temperature, aquarium or pond dimension .
Give it to goldfish adjust too how many fish in your pond, and adjust how much pellets that completely consume within 1-2 hours, don’t exceed that time. If still remain in the pond, take it and give water circulate it. And please attention about cleanliness of worm.

Artemia and daphnia

Before giving to fish, choose live artemia and daphnia, take off died artemia and daphnia, give oxygen it. after that give them to baby goldfish adjust to how many fish in pond.

Ok thanks for attention about goldfish feeding article, i hope it useful..