how long can cats go without food

how long can cats go without food

how long can a cat go without food and water? There are frequent cases when people leave an animal in an empty apartment or a country house and for some reason do not return at the scheduled time to feed the pet. And it happens that a street owner accidentally locks a cat in a basement, shed or cellar and searches for a pet across the area for several days.

Cats are very stubborn creatures. There were cases when these animals were without food for a month or more. For example, under the rubble of a house during earthquakes or hostilities. A young and healthy cat can go without food for about a week. Then irreversible changes begin to occur in his body. Initially, fat is consumed as “fuel”, then muscle mass decreases sharply. Gradually, the hair falls out, the eyes close. Finally, the brain fails to get the necessary nutrients.

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how long can old our young cats go without food

If the cat is over 8 years old or is not completely healthy, you can count on 3-5 days of existence without food. Like all puppies, they need to eat several times a day. A feeding delay of at least 12-20 hours can be fatal.

Cats need more to drink than to eat. This is not surprising, because 70% of these animals’ bodies are made up of water. If a 40-50% thinner pet can still go, loss of at least 10% of the fluid can be fatal. Dehydration is especially dangerous in hot, humid weather that cats cannot tolerate. The maximum period for the safe existence of a dehydrated animal is 5 days. Then, pathological changes begin to occur in the body.

In practice, it is very dangerous to control how long cats survive without food if they are old or sick. The animal cannot stretch for 2-3 days. Therefore, there should always be food and clean water in its container.