How Long Do Rabbits Live

How Long Do Rabbits Live

Are you familiar with how long do rabbits live? Do you want to know more about it? If you are planning to adopt a rabbit or if you want to know more about them, then this article is the one for you.

A lot of people today especially kids are fond of rabbits, mainly because of the cuddly body that a rabbit has. But researching some information including on how long do rabbits live and such is definitely a must. You don’t want to be surprise one day that your rabbit is gone. Another thing is that you should teach your child on how to take care of the rabbit that he or she is going to adopt. Your child should know the proper caring of a rabbit for it to live longer and happily. This article will give you some information about rabbits and how long do rabbits live as well.

how long do rabbits live as well

For those people who don’t know, rabbits are not like dogs and cats which you can cuddle. In rabbits, it’s the other way around; they are not fond of being cuddle. It is because these rabbits just want to stay on the ground. Carrying them, hugging or cuddling them should definitely be avoided because they will surely fight hard for them to get back on the ground. Just let them lie on the floor, avoid holding them in your arms as they might end up scratching you. But it doesn’t mean that you have to just put them inside a cage or something, they also need to get some human interaction or communication for them to be lively. They don’t want to be left alone or to be in a secluded place where no people are around all the time.

Now for people who are often asking on how long do rabbits live, well this is the answer to your question. Usually these rabbits can live up to their early teens or at the age of eight to twelve. Though sometimes, some rabbits can live longer depending on its genetics and of course the environment that the rabbit is in. So if you want your rabbit to live longer than expected you should definitely take care of him or her, and provide the rabbit’s needs.

You can adopt a rabbit in an animal shelter, where many animals stay. These rabbits are the ones who are abandoned and the ones that are lost. So adopting is a must. For people who are longing to have baby rabbit, you can always go to a pet shop to buy one, as shelters don’t often have baby rabbits. Just always make sure that wherever you get your rabbit, always make sure that the rabbit has been vaccinated and spay for them to be safe to adopt. This will of course cost you a bit, but the important thing is that you are assured that the rabbit that you are going to adopt or buy is safe for you and of course your kids.

These are some of the information about adopting rabbits and as well as the question how long do rabbits live. Always remember these things above if you are really willing to adopt or buy one for yourself or for your kids.