How Long Does A Fly Live

How Long Does A Fly Live

Hey. Let’s begin this article with a question (just to make it a little more interesting; as the actual subject, which this article will be about isn’t that interesting). How long does a fly live? Just me give your gut reaction, and we’ll see if you’re right… Hope you enjoy this “how long does a fly live” answering article. Thank you for taking the time.

So, let’s first begin with the life span that the adult flies endure in the wild. They can actually live up to a month! You might say that “that’s not that long a life, is it…” but, considering that some other small, flying things live for only a day or less, it actually isn’t that bad. From two weeks to a month – in the wild. In specialized conditions, laboratories, they can live for even longer.

That is the estimation of one source, by the way. Other sources say that they don’t live for more than half a day, or two days, or three days or such — comparatively — short numbers.

Actually, the numbers given in this article is going to be about how long the common house fly lives for. So, that’s the type of fly that this article has been, and is going to be, about.

So, what helps them live for this comparatively long time, considering that practically every human in the world – at the sight of a fly – tries to kill it? Well, that fact – and, of course, many other facts – might actually play a part in it. Because flies are so hunted, by whatever creatures, they have adapted to that (naturally, as they’re part of evolution). …So, their evasion skills are highly developed. If you want to confuse these systems, however, that’s pretty simple — and done by making noises in different directions.

A very simple thing you can do is clap your hands some distance away from the fly, perhaps above, it will cause the evasion mechanism – alarm, or whatever – to go off and then it just flies in some direction; which might be right into your hands. Very simple.

I hope that this answer, given in this article, has enlightened you on this very important question. Thank you for taking the time to read about this answer to “how long does a fly live”.