How to Care for Discus Fish Properly

How to Care for Discus Fish Properly

There are many different types of tropical fish but to be a responsible owner, you should understand how to properly care for them. You have to understand the requirements and needs of the fish before you decide to buy it. This applies to the discus fish as well. Having an aquarium is a serious responsibility, but it can be beneficial and fulfilling if done correctly.


How to Care for Discus Fish with Passion and Responsibility

Discus fish aquarium pet is much loved because of the intelligence, as well as a loving and interactive nature. For this reason, many pet lovers want to know how to maintain and extend the life of their discus fish.


Many people overcomplicate the process of taking care of discus fish. The best advice is to keep it simple. The ability to take care of discus fish really comes down to a person’s ability to merge, harmonize and make the fish thrive.

Caring step Discus Fish:

  1. The online article about taking care of discus fish is a decent start, but you should always look towards books that utilize the experience of other pet owners. After all, they have gone through many challenges and questions you face; Therefore, seek and utilize the knowledge they have provided to make your property more easily.


  1. Check the quality of the water you use in your aquarium. Do not just use tap water. You have to remove chlorine and other chemicals first. Be sure to use soft water to maintain the pH level of the water. In learning how to take care of discus fish, you have to remember that the level of the required pH is 6-7 (balanced – not acidic or basic).


  1. Use warm water, and never one to maintain the temperature of cold water needed for discus fish. The ideal temperature for discus fish is 30 degrees Celsius.


  1. Sign up for practical fishing magazine to get more clues helpful in discus fish care.


  1. It would be better to take care of discus fish are older because they tend to be stable. Choose fish the size of 12cm and more. People who know how to take care of discus fish know that getting older fish ensures that you will get the color and size you want in the first place.


  1. Never buy just a discus fish. If you want to learn how to take care of discus fish, you have to remember that the social pet discus fish. They must be able to interact with 5 or more discus fish to thrive and be happy.


  1. Make sure that the water is clean and changed every now and then. Discus care experts agree that it’s best not to put gravel in the tank for easier maintenance.


  1. Never use a carbon filter because it can affect water quality and affect the health of the discs.


  1. It would be best to keep the minimum tank design. You can include a few plants and some stone and wood but less well when it comes to maintaining the tank.


  1. You can use grolux tube to provide adequate lighting for your discus fish. If you know how to take care of discus fish, you’ll know that too much light is bad for them. A light tube grolux provide the right amount of light to give them warmth.


Knowing how to take care of discus fish is the key to extend their lives.