How to Care for your Goldfish

How to Care for your Goldfish

Keeping goldfish is one of the most popular hobbies by people all over the world. Almost every household enjoyed the company of one or more goldfish. Having goldfish as a pet can bring fun and excitement to the whole family. However, because goldfish are always available and inexpensive, they have become an example of a “throwaway pet” because most pet owners believed them to be short-lived. Their aquatic beauty and fascinating movement attracts many pet buyers .

As pet owner you should be familiar with the basic goldfish history, care and feeding of your pets. These information are necessary to properly care, enjoy and appreciate your pet more. Like most fish, goldfish should be kept with similar care requirements. Always provide them with plenty of clean, cool water. Their temperature should be 23.5 degrees Celsius and below. If their temperature exceeds this will result in Oxygen deprivation that causes weak immune system, heart damage, nerve damage and other untreatable infections and diseases that may cause death.

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It is also important that you should provide sufficient space for your goldfish so they can move and swim freely. Keep them in a fish tank with no less than 38 liters of water capacity. This will help your pet to remain healthy and will allow the aquarium to keep healthy and clean goldfish. Don’t put your pet goldfish in a fishbowl, this will prevent them from growing healthy.

Always perform your weekly water changes, so that your goldfish will have clean water all the time. Removing the waste water in the aquarium will keep your pet goldfish in good condition. To keep the water from becoming toxic, a filter must be necessary. In selecting a filter, make sure that it not produce excessive current in your fish tank, this will prevent your goldfish to swim freely.

Goldfish require little attention to their basic needs. Their daily care takes no more than a few minutes. The real effort lies in in providing them the correct environment which includes enough space to swim, proper water temperature and food.