How to train a parakeet

How to train a parakeet

I will try to tell you how the parakeet is educated and talked out from my own experiences. bird birds should definitely be a baby bird. I also recommend the bird to be male. Male birds are both more docile and more prone to education.How to train a parakeet, Female birds are a bit more cheeky and cranky. or a stud I will share a post that will tell you visually. Let’s move on to the training.

In addition, in relation toparakee , bird sex discrimination, whether the parakeet nestling or breeding (adult), parakeet Production in the home environment can be found in the following links.

  1. Parakeets love friends. Young parakeets can be close with people.
  2. Diversity is very important in feed; Don’t make too many feed changes to parakeets. Continue with a specified feed type. Frequent feed changes can be it sick.
  3. Parakeets love toys, so you can buy a toy or two to spend time with the toy can not swallow. They love bright and sounding toys.

How to train a parakeet? To train him, you must feed him regularly and show him love. Birds are timid and friendly animals. You must have free time for parakeet training.

Parakeet training;

Let’s say we got the man and the bird that jumped out of the nest. When we come home to get used to our bird environment 1, 2 days do not disturb. The bird will run away at the beginning, but the baby birds get tired quickly and surely will come to your finger. While we are in the cage, we repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day at certain times of the day. Now you can take your bird out of the cage. We repeat the same operations outside your cage to come to your finger. Take your feed while you’re out of the cage, this will increase your confidence.